Outcome of the Dr. Livingstone Primary School Site Visit

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October 13, 2017

Outcome of the Dr. Livingstone Primary School Site Visit in July 2017

By Rita Wamai

Upon our visit, the school was in a much better condition than it was last year. Over and above the 2 classes that FMA renovated, the Makadara MP through the CDF rehabilitated one block of 10 classrooms and repainted the whole school early January 2017.

Two classrooms which are situated in the block of classrooms which FMA partially rehabilitated, remain untouched. The headmistress expressly requested the area MP not to have the block rehabilitated since FMA had already started the works and she though it was best not to have “our thunder stolen”.

Some construction materials remained:

  • Electric wiring Cables( 4 pipes)
  • Wall filler 1 bag of 25kgs
  • Bondex metal filler 1tin
  • Black Paint 2 liters
  • Wire mesh 3
  • Cement approximately 5kgs
  • Little amount of sand


As a result of the additional classes, the school population has grown by approximately 39% to about 1108 pupils from 800 pupils last year.

The mean score of the schools also improved last year by 7 points. 3 best performing pupils received sponsorship from Equity foundation and Nairobi governor Dr. Evans Kidero.

The school has also received a number of laptops and tablets are already in use. This, according to the Head mistress, has necessitated the setup of a Resource centre, where the laptops would be set up and used from a central point rather than have the teachers move around with them and going home with them.

The headmistress mentioned that the school also requires a Library. Since the school also receives text books from the government and they have no room to keep the books. More often than note, the students keep the books and end up losing the books at some point. There was a proposal to have one of the rooms we intend to rehabilitate to serve this purpose.

We Fronted the proposed CSR activity day of 14th October 2017 and expressly requested for much better turn out this time. Upon deliberation, the headmistress requested if we can work with 23rd September 2017 to 7th October 2017 as this would fit well with the school activities schedule. However she promised to update us would there be any changes to the School calendar that may make our proposed date feasible.

Below are the two classes that we can renovate. Thankfully, they are fully roofed

The look in one of the two classes

The renovated block by the area MP

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