Corporate Social Responsibility


 A sunny but windy morning provided the perfect weather for the hike to Ngong hills. Several groups formed of the over 150 participants as we went up and down. 

As we took shots of the beautiful sceneries, it was clear that we are gifted differently. Some walk uphill faster than downhill, some feel safer running downhill, others love to make stops after every hill stretch while others went all the way – a clear reflection of various capabilities within us.

Eventually, in a couple of hours, all groups had reached the destination safely without having made use of the ambulances provided. Our ultimate goal was to go past the famous “corner baridi” to the other side of the hills, which we did. Nobody remembered how remembered we were as we relaxed, the breeze was overly relaxing.

We believe the objective of the activity was realised by the Association, in partnership. We trust that the next CSR event by FMA will be even bigger and better.



As a body corporate and a responsible member of society the FMA recognizes the need to give back to the industry and to the society as a whole.  The FMA External Committee recognizes the importance of a good education and the impact it makes on the lives of children and society in general.  To this end, it is of paramount importance for children to have a learning environment that is conducive and favourable to study and play.

The External Committee created a CSR Sub – Committee, made up of one staff member from each firm to determine how best to contribute to the education environment in Kenya.  This CSR Sub – Committee set about finding a school where the FMA’s contribution could make the most impact.  The CSR Sub – Committee met and all members were tasked with searching for a school in dire need of structural improvements. The sub – committee members were expected to share pictures of their scouting results after which the team would make decision on the most deserving situation. The Sub – Committee then met regularly to determine the level of financial input from the FMA and supervised the renovation works as they progressed, to enhance accountability. In addition, the CSR team collected donations from their respective colleagues, which were spent mainly on funding the meal during the main activity day. The Sub – Committee updated the FMA Council on the CSR activities during their quarterly meetings.

November 2016

On 12th November 2016, the FMA organized an event to help improve the learning environment at the Dr. Livingstone Primary School in Bahati Area Eastlands, Nairobi. On this day, parents, teachers and students of the school together with staff members of FMA member firms gathered to impact positively the lives of the school children to put the finishing touches on the refurbishments the FMA funded prior to the gathering.  The FMA funded and helped to coordinate the repairs of two dilapidated classrooms by replacing the roof, flooring, lighting and windows as well as painting both the interior and exterior walls.

About Dr. Livingstone Primary School

The school has a population of about 1,000 children (as of November 2016) drawn from Kiambiyu, City Cotton, Kosovo, Motherland and Mugunda slum areas of Nairobi. Some of these children only go to school to enable them to have their only meal of the day.  They are required to pay Kes.100 per month – which is unaffordable for some. The school was in dire need of infrastructural support to reduce congestion in classrooms.

Standards 1, 2 and 3 classrooms housed 118, 116 and 120 children respectively in one room each (see size of classroom in the picture below). This was a challenge for the one teacher, who due to inadequate space, could hardly move around the classroom during lessons to give more attention to slower learners.

As a result of FMA contributions, the teachers and students are now able to use two additional classrooms to help ease the congestion.  As the school still has other classrooms that are inhabitable, the FMA will consider additional support.

The FMA brought two classrooms into habitable condition by purchasing renovation materials, then worked together with the parents and teachers to paint the facilities after the windows, doors and the floors had been completed.

During the event, the industry colleagues also shared career guidance/character building talks and engaged in fun sports with the pupils.