1st Recipient – Charles Ogalo

Award recipient:

Charles Ogalo

Managing Director

GenAfrica Asset Managers Limited

This award was sponsored by the Fund Managers Association.

Who is Paul Sigsworth?

The late Paul Sigsworth, the former CEO of ICEA Lion Asset Management who joined the company in September 2005 until his untimely demise in May 2015, was well known for being straightforward, upstanding and not willing to accept lower standards when it came to ethical behaviour.  Paul’s contribution to the financial services industry is well known amongst Fund Management Association (FMA) members and his colleagues at ICEA Lion Asset Management.  He had a long history of building various financial companies, their teams and client base. Paul contributed to Kenya’s development in the following areas:

  • Asset Management
  • Treasury
  • Unit Trusts
  • Property Unit Trusts (REITS)
  • Real Estate Management and Property Development
  • Private Equity

Paul was also known for playing a critical role in establishing the FMA and actively participating in its growth.

Why honour Paul Sigsworth?

The late Paul has been described by those who knew him as straightforward, ethical, and upstanding just to use a few words. These characteristics in addition to his professional courage to stand up for what is right no matter the circumstances are not only admirable but also honourable. Hence the FMA has taken the initiative to honour Paul, by launching the Paul Sigsworth Award, which will seek out and recognize individuals who have significantly contributed to the development and professionalism of the fund management sector.


Many of us take note of unethical practices, but few of us have the courage to take action or stand up to be counted for taking action against such practices. The action(s) taken may not be the ultimate solution to the challenge at hand, but nevertheless it is a step towards a long term goal towards promoting an action for the benefit of the industry.

On this day, Mrs. Paul Sigsworth awarded the first recipient of the Paul Sigsworth Award who has been selected by a panel of judges. The individual among other criteria will be expected to be an individual who has not only contributed to the fund management industry, but has also consistently demonstrated integrity and professionalism.

Who was also at the event?

All the 16 members of the Fund Managers Association will be represented. This event offers an opportunity to network with colleagues in the industry.

  • Paul Muthaura – CEO CMA
  • James Ndegwa – Chairman BOD CMA
  • Ag CEO Nzomo Mutuku – RBA