Asset management

The Fund Managers Association (the FMA or the Association) is a Kenyan trade association established in 2008 to promote responsible and sustainable asset management. Membership in the Association is open to Capital Markets Authority (CMA) licensed organizations who manage funds on behalf of their clientele.

FMA members manage the bulk of the funds from retirement benefit schemes. Managing institutional and individual investors’ funds, in investable securities throughout East Africa, FMA members contribute to the growth, development and sustainability of Kenya’s capital market and economy.

Membership Support

The FMA supports its members by actively engaging with policy makers, regulators, and other stakeholders through discussions and submission of ideas, proposals and concerns.  Every year, the FMA submits budget proposals related to the fund management industry as requested by the CMA and the Retirement Benefit Authority (RBA).  In addition, FMA members meet with the regulators to discuss pertinent issues within the industry.  These issues include the raising of ethical standards, development of new products, implementation of new regulations, training requirements, etc.

Founding Members

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